Join TReND

TReND is an entirely volunteer-run organisation, and as such we are always looking for new members willing to help! We are never short of ideas for  projects and are always happy to discuss ideas you might like to develop within TReND’s framework.

What do we look for in our members?

Our members roles range from general support and fundraising to specific expert roles. You could be collecting second hand lab equipment, organizing a course  or evaluating conditions at African universities or helping our fundraising and publicity teams or helping us maintain our website. If you are based in Africa, you could also become a key point of contact at your university!

We look for applicants who:
• Work independently
• Communicate well via email
• Can demonstrate the expertise required for the job
• Are passionate about science and its role in development!

Publicity & Fundraising

TReND’s publicity team works hard to raise awareness of the work TReND members are doing. If you would like to help us please contact

Similarly, none of our work would be possible without our fundraising team securing the grants and donations that keep TReND programmes running. If you would like to support them, please contact [email address].

Other Current Opportunities

We post current opportunities for volunteering at particular projects on our idealists profile.

Academic Volunteering

If you would like to get involved with TReND but do not have the time for the commitment required to become a member,  or you would like an experience in Africa before joining us, TReND facilitates volunteering for academics who want to teach or improve research at African universities. This is open to all disciplines in natural sciences, and timing and location can in principle be customised to meet your needs. For more information go to our Volunteering Programme site.