Our Story

Our Story. In summer of 2006 Lucia, a Cambridge first year PhD student, and Sadiq, a professor at Kampala International University, met  while both were students at a laboratory based intensive course in the small and scientifically exciting town of Woods Hole, USA. During the late summer nights between experiments Lucia and Sadiq came to learn how different their research environments were. Four years later, they decided to replicate the course they had both attended in USA, but in Uganda.

After a lot of preparation and with the help of a lot of people including Tom, the first course on insect neuroscience and Drosophila neurogenetics took place in Uganda in September 2011. The feedback received by attending scientists coming from 6 different countries across the continent left clear that much more could be done to empower African scientists and promote scientific research and education in the continent, and thus TReND was born.

Jelena’s addition to the family was our next big step that expanded our reach. Followed by Yunusa and Mahmoud, who created the outreach team, and Ana who brought the volunteering programme to life.  Since our humble beginnings in 2010 we have grown a lot thanks to all of our members. By now, we have substantially extended the array of courses we offer, have established an equipment donations programme, and are starting to make our mark in the world of open source hardware for scientific research.

Who knows what the future will hold…