Our Mission

TReND in Africa is a non-governmental organisation, run by a global network of research scientists, dedicated to the growth of Africa’s scientific capacity at tertiary university level science education and research in sub-Saharan Africa. Our efforts towards these goals are threefold:
– Fostering scientific excellence and collaboration in our educational projects and exchange programmes
– Coordinating equipment and monetary donations that contribute to better infrastructure and permanent research resources at universities in Africa.
– Outreach

Our Motivation

Technological advancements are transforming our planet into a global community, but this globalisation does not benefit everyone equally. In many areas of the world, access to higher education and current scientific progress is still a scarce and valuable resource.

The developing world is rich in human capital and talent, who have a great desire to participate and contribute to the emergent global information society. Highly trained individuals, with local knowledge and a broad outlook, are pivotal to long term success and stability in these societies.

Overcoming global inequality through education, as well as local empowerment are long-term development goals, worldwide, however most existing projects focus at primary and secondary education, with little attention directed towards the many roles of tertiary education. Specifically, scientific education is pivotal to the ability to innovate, move forward and integrate with the global society.

To date, many developing nations need to import their solutions, innovations and patents from abroad, while often also losing their most capable minds to Western universities and the knowledge economy beyond their borders. Therefore, we believe that providing top-level education, locally, is key to enabling developing societies to take their futures into their own hands and become valuable partners in the worldwide production of knowledge.